frozen broccoli


(fresh or frozen – both are gross)

Broccoli has a worse reputation than it deserves. It’s is the poster boy for the vegetable kids hate. Well, I am here to defend it. Broccoli is no more disgusting and repulsive as any other green vegetable. Yes, broccoli is gross – but so are all of its vegetable brethren. So get off broccoli’s back! You’re welcome Broccoli. I tend to opt for the frozen broccoli since fresh broccoli is pretty likely to go bad before I can muster up the bravery to eat it all. Frozen Broccoli comes in big bags that won’t spoil while I procrastinate eating green vegetables. Something that won’t spoil so quickly? Beef Jerky. Yum beef jerky.


– is much more palatable when covered in cheese – isn’t everything?

– qualifies as a pizza topping so you can claim a health victory when you polish off a pie by yourself – more slices = more broccoli


– is really only palatable when covered in cheese, which pretty much defeats the purpose of eating something healthy.

– kinda ruins an otherwise great slice of pizza

broccolli pizza

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