Blue Diamond Lightly Salted Almonds

I’m kicking off Snacktoberfest with one of my longtime snacking staples…. almonds. Specifically, Blue Diamond lightly salted almonds. I find raw and/or unsalted almonds a bit bland and earthen. Kind of like eating compressed dirt, which is ironic, since almonds grow on trees. Conversely, salted almonds are generally over bathed in a thick coating of salt. They taste kind of good for a while, but then the salt just takes over.

Blue Diamond has perfected the almond to salt ratio via a slight coating of salt dust. The roasted almonds explode with flavor, which is enhanced, not overpowered by, the salt dust. Oh, have I mentioned almonds are a super food? Their super brethren tend to be of the green vegetable variety, and generally unpalatable. A super health food that tastes delicious? That’s why Blue Diamond Lightly Salted Roast Almonds are batting lead off in my Snacktoberfest lineup. The only drawback? They are a tad on the pricey side. New car or three bags of almonds? I’ll take the almonds.

BONUS FUN FACT: Almonds are not nuts! They are seeds. Mmmmmmmmm seeeeds.


Hugh Gallon secret update: Rod doesn’t know I’m adding this to his beloved almond review. Lets see if he ever notices… There are some competing theories about almonds’ impact on the environment.  Some say California’s drought was caused by America’s insatiable desire for  almonds.  Almonds are supposedly very profitable, but use a lot of water.  Others say that they have gotten a bad rap and are unfairly blamed.   I’m going to assume that these pro-almond defenders are just shills for “Big-Almond.” And my pal and podcast partner Rod Budget might part of the problem. I have a working theory that Rod is secretly taking checks from Big Almond (Blue Diamond is just a small part of this globe-spanning uber-power) in exchange for the goodwill he is putting out there on behalf of the earth-murdering almond.  Just how does Rod know so much about almonds.  So they are seeds?  Sounds like Rod knows just a little too much.

Rod Budget secret secret update:   I, Rod Budget, am in no way affiliated with Big-Almond. Such a relationship would present a conflict of interest, while causing concern about the integrity of our Hungry Dads media conglomerate. That being said, I would love to work for Big-Almond, and would immediately abandon my post at Hungry Dads if given a position of almond taster, Chief Almond Advocate, Director of Mitigating Environmental Hippie Concerns, or anything else that would stroke my ego.