Bananas are fruit, and are therefore officially healthy. But unfortunately bananas are almost considered a junk food when compared to its fruit family. You can’t eat three of or four them and claim a health victory like you could with an apple or orange. It’s the carb content, I suppose. This sucks because bananas are the only fruit that are actually as tasty and filling as some junk food. Bannanas are like Cracklin’ Oat Bran in that they seem healthy at first, but those who are foolish enough to pay attention, will figure out that the reason it tastes so good is because it’s not nearly as healthy as you’d hoped.


– very tasty

– banana peels are integral to classic cartoon comedy


– when I eat most fruits I brag to my wife about my responsible decision – but that doesn’t work with bananas. I just get yelled at for eating the kids’ bananas.

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