I eat one or more apples almost every day as a snack. I don’t really enjoy them, especially relative to all of the other things I could eat. Like all fruits, I eat apples under protest. They are not as tasty as my favorite snacks, such as chocolate covered Twinkies. Compared to Twinkies, apples taste pretty awful. But apples have a lot more fiber, vitamins, and minerals than Twinkies.   So, when I need a snack, I bravely reach for the apple more often than the tasty and titillating Twinkie.

Pros:– relatively affordable- don’t spoil quickly

– easily portable

– come in big bags so I don’t have to pretend to know how to pick the best ones at the store

– featured in a cool episode of GI Joe where Shipwreck tries to kill a giant germ with the arsenic in apple seeds

Cons:– center has no cream filling- chocked full of seeds that are filled with trace amounts of poisonous arsenic

– only truly tasty when baked into a pie or cobbler with lots of sugar, flour and butter. And even then, the apples are the worst part.

– has not increased my SAT scores despite being the supposed “fruit of knowledge” in the Bible


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