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Health Food Reviews

Real Healthy Food. Real Reviews.

They say pizza is like sex. Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. As for healthy food, let’s face it, the opposite is true. Even when healthy food is good, it’s still pretty bad. That’s because junk food tastes really, really, really good. When it comes to taste, healthy food just can’t compete.

I’m not talking about processed “health food” like granola and low fat crackers. That stuff can be pretty tasty because it’s not really healthy food. It may not be junk food. It’s at best, “healthier” food.   Let’s not fool ourselves. The only really healthy foods are honest to god fruits, vegetables, and lean meat.

Even my least favorite potato chips are delicious. Meanwhile I eat my “favorite fruit” begrudgingly – like some foul medicine. Healthy foods are like the Washington Generals to junk food’s Harlem Globetrotters. Frito Lay and Hostess just run circles around healthy food in the flavor game.

Lets also not forget that health foods are more expensive and less convenient than their junk food counterparts. It gets tougher and tougher to justify eating healthy. Healthy food is good at just about one thing – being healthy.  Its relative failure in the taste, price, and convenience, categories are mostly unavoidable.

Despite all of this, the Hungry Dad – in the interest of raising healthy children and living a long life with his family – makes room in his schedule, budget, and stomach for less convenient, less delicious, and more expensive healthy food. (Sigh). But we don’t have to pretend to like it. Actually – we do have to pretend. But just in front of our kids.

In the interest of responsibility and balance, is committed to fair and unbiased reviews of all foods – both delicious junk food and repulsive health food.

Click below to hear what the Hungry Dads think of these healthy foods.


Apples                            Tangerines

Peaches                              Pineapple

Cantaloupe                        Bananas

Carrots                                Broccoli

Green Beans                      Cucumbers

Poultry (White Meat)        Almonds