Feast, Marry, Kill – Ep. 68

Many of our listeners may have played the classic social game “copulate, marry, kill” at one time or another.  If not, the rules are simple: someone is given the names of three people. They must choose to ummm… copulate with one of them, marry, one of them, and kill one of them. Well, since Rod and Hugh are food obsessed (and this is a food podcast after all), they’ve altered the rules slightly to make this game more in line with their lifestyle.

The guys take turns throwing out three things from the world of food:

  • One of the things can only be eaten (or used) for one more week before it’s gone forever. This is the FEAST item, and equates to the copulate option in the real game.
  • One of the things must be eaten (or used) at least once a week for the rest of their lives. This is the MARRY item.
  • Finally, one of the things is gone forever starting immediately. This is the KILL item.

Just a few of the difficult decisions to be made: will Hugh kill off a spoon, knife, or fork as a utensil option?  Is Rod ready to settle down and tie the know of marital bliss with pickles… or will it be a meaningless affair… or something even more devious – like MURDER!