Q: How can we suggest an episode topic or ask you personal probing questions?

hungry dads_scales copyQ: What is the show about?

  • The delicate balance between food indulgences and social acceptance

Q:  What does that mean?

  • We’re neither pro-junk food nor anti-junk food.  We take a neutral stance
  • While many episodes will feature reviews of the latest fast/junk food, it’s not what we’re all about
  • We also explore the social aspects of eating/snacking sneaking, especially as it pertains to the married man (or woman)

Q:  When do new episodes come out?

  • Generally, episodes are published every Thursday on this website and iTunes. Or, just subscribe to our iTunes feed and shun all responsibility for checking!

Q:  Where do Hugh and Rod live?

  • Hugh lives and works in the New York City metropolitan area
  • Rod moved from the New York City metropolitan area to an undisclosed suburban location in the Southeastern United States three years ago

Q:  Are those your real names?

  • Quite possibly

Q: What are your favorite snack/junk/fast foods?

  • Rod: That’s like asking me to pick a favorite child… but way more fun.  I’m still not going to answer, though. The podcast will give plenty of clues.
  • Hugh: Pez. Cherry Flavored Pez.