Ep. 80 – Happy New Year! 2017 Food Predictions

After a brief hiatus to enjoy the holidays (and holiday leftovers), the guys are back with a vengeance. They start the episode by recapping all of their horrible predictions (and a couple of good ones) from 2016, such as:

  • Did honey break through in a big way? (no)
  • Did specialty house-made sodas break through? (no)
  • Did “Farm-to-Table” get watered down into a dumb marketing term? (no)
  • Did the Manhattan Chick-fil-a get sabotaged by angry New Yorkers? (kind of)

Then, it’s for the guys to move on to their 2017 predictions. Will they fare any better this year?  Only if mango becomes a huge breakout fruit success and hipsters are frying up scrapple on every Brooklyn street corner…  listen to find out why!!!!