Do Us a Flavor 2015 – Episode 20

Episode 20 starts off on a serious note, as Hugh and Rod apologize for a critical error that lead to a misinformed Raisin Brand choice in episode 19. Will Rod stick with Raisin Bran as the “rest of his life” cereal of choice, or will he make a new choice based on the correct information?

Then, the guys move into a serious discussion about the 2015 Lay’s Do Us a Flavor contest, including insider tips and discussion of their top 5 flavor submission candidates.


(00:21) A Delicious Mistake– Hugh apologizes to the Hungry Dads family for a factual error from Episode 19 that grievously affected Rod’s process when choosing a “for-the-rest-of-his-life” cereal. After Rod grants forgiveness to Hugh, Rod provides his corrected analysis, now armed with accurate data.

(09:43) 2015 Lays Do Us a Flavor – Rod and Hugh dedicate the show to Lay’s uber-popular flavor submission contest

(10:01) Contest Strategy and Rules – Rod and Hugh kick it off by strategizing. Rod flexes his marketing acumen and ponders whether your chances are better by submitting early or later in the contest period. Then the guys comb through the contest rules one. Notably:

  • Entries will be judged on the following criteria:
  • 40% Original and creative
  • 30% Potential for delicious flavor
  • 30% Simple, straightforward and fun flavor, consistent with the Tastes of America™ theme
  •  Entries will be judged by a qualified panel of judges, selected by Frito Lay
  • Ties will be broken by cumulative points awarded for “Original and Creative.”

(09:19) Flavor submissions – Rod and Hugh trade their flavor submission ideas, all along the way, convincing themselves that they each have this contest locked up.. If you want to hear their ideas, you’ll have to listen to the podcast. The Hungry Dads aren’t going to make it THAT easy for you to steal their ideas. Perhaps upon after the finalists are announced and the contest is ended, their ideas will be listed here.

  • Cap’n Crunch doesn’t destroy the roof of your mouth like crusty bread does? I LOVE the taste of Cap’n, but I never eat it because of what it does to my mouth. I used to sometimes mix CTC with Cap’n, but I’m a full-blown CTC man now.

    • Solid point Johnny. I’ve always been a proponent of letting my cereal get a little soggy before eating it to avoid the dreaded mouth roof scrape and cut. Capn Crunch would be a prime example. Never fully understood why some cereals bragged so hard about staying crunchy in milk. I like a little sog. Bringing it back to the hard bread comparison in your comment, I think allowing cereal to sog is akin to pressing your bread. I can concede that a crusty baguette might be safe for consumption if properly pressed. And by “properly” I mean with the benefit of heat and a panini press. Hand pressing basically just makes breadcrumbs. But un-pressed baguettes will kill your mouth, as will un-sogged Capn Crunch.

  • Another thought, about the Lays contests.. While I love meats, I think the Lays folks will almost always nix an overly meat-centric flavor because they don’t want to isolate part of their buyer base in the event that they don’t eat meat. You must be pretty psyched that Jambalaya is mentioned as one of the top contenders on Thrillist – do you get credit for that submission?

    My idea for Taste of America: Spicy Hawaiian Pineapple. Too bad I missed the submission deadline.

    • I think there is one spot for a meat flavor. Chicken and Waffle was given a spot. Bacon showed up last time. But yeah, they aren’t going to fill more than one slot with a meat flavor – probably for the reason you give.

      While I’d like to think mine was the first/best Jambalaya submission. Do Us a Flavor was clearly a crowded market. I’ve pretty much hung up my dream of standing out in that crowd. Spicy Pineapple is nice. Both its strength and weakness might lie in its potential similarity to 2014’s “Mango Salsa.” Actually sounds similar, but better. Wasn’t a fan of “Mango Salsa.” Spicy Pineapple is an improvement on the theme in my opinion. Don’t throw away your flavor ideas Johnny. I have a feeling 2016 will offer another opportunity to do Lays a flavor.

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