Pizza Slice: Snack or Meal?

Hungry Dads Infographic: Pizza slice, snack or meal?PIZZA INFOGRAPHIC 5_

Is your slice of Pizza a snack or a meal?

Walking? Sitting? Toppings? Alone? Number of slices? Beware of spilling grease valley of death.

BONUS: tip to press your crust into tasty pepperoni grease.


Eating on the Go.

Is Your Slice a meal? Or a snack?

Walking + Cold Slice = Snack

Kudos to you on your ability to multi-task with such efficiency.

Walking + Hot Slice = Hazard

Beware of Spilling Grease “Valley of Death”


Sitting + Hot Slice = Meal

Pro Tip: Maximize flavor of your crust with a “marinating grease hug?

Step #1 – Get a hot slice

Step #2 – Remove crust

Step #3 – Center crust on slice

Step #4 – Fold edges over

Step #5 – Press

Step #6 – Unfold and remove “hugged crust”


Sitting + Cold Slice = Uncertain

Factors to Consider:

Are you alone?

Number of slices?




  • The Big T

    I’d say it all depends on how many slices of pizza you eat as to whether it’s a snack or meal. If it’s just one slice, then probably a snack.
    However, if I’m still hungry after I eat it, I’m sure it will be just a snack and I’ll eat again or have a couple more pieces.
    I also prefer to eat hot pizza as opposed to cold pizza. The pizza usually never makes it to become leftovers.

  • I totally agree Big T. I think number of slices is the key. I do think however that a single slice could be either. Leftover pizza is rare for me too! I do however sometimes grab it by the slice – here in NYC you can get it that way, at the mall to (Sbarro?). I will get it cold (really room temperature) and eat it while I walk around. That’s defiantly a snack. Thanks for posting!

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