NYC Urine & Pizza

What do Dirty Ovens and Stale Urine have to do with New York Pizza?  You will be Shocked to Read the Answer in the Article Underneath this Misleading Headline! OMG!!

By Hugh Gallon

(Check out Episode 16 of the Hungry Dads Podcast for the full discussion)

Why is New York Pizza unique? Why has it been difficult to replicate elsewhere?  Well, many say it’s in the NYC water – which is not, as many may assume, mostly urine.  Well, to be clear, most “NYC water” – that is water coming out of NYC – may actually be substantially urine by the time it has run off the mucky city streets.  But the water that comes into NYC – that we drink and cook with, gladly, is piped from upstate. So to be fair NYC’s great pizza is partly it’s the water that comes from north of NYC, which benefits from the trip itself. And let’s not forget tahe importance of dirty old ovens!

There are brave men and women out there, doing real experiments on these things.

Thanks to (The Food Lab) for their insight into water, minerals, and pizza dough. Their site is awesome!


Joe Brown’s article “Why New York City’s Iconic Pizza Is So Tough to Replicate” from for their insight on “gestalt”

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