BK’s “Angriest Whopper”

BK’s “Angriest Whopper” Review

Hot sauce-infused bun!

Either Burger King has run out of synonyms for “spicy,” or they named this burger after how they thought customers may feel after paying for it. For “professional” reasons, I ordered one without checking the price first. $8.90 for the sandwich (no fries or drink) gave me a sticker shock. Was it worth the price?


Yes. I suppose so. At least once. BK’s “Angriest Whopper” was a nice twist on the classic Whopper with enough heat to justify its clever name; but not so much spice to make me uncomfortable. I enjoy a spicy kick, but am a bit of a lightweight when it comes to extreme heat. I ate BK’s “Angriest Whopper,” without a drink on hand, and didn’t sweat it.

I was concerned at first after unwrapping it. The pungent spicy waft and angry red sheen made me consider going back to get a soda for coolant. But the heat was minimal and well controlled – even pleasant. It tasted like a Whopper, but with a welcome, unique hot sauce flavor.

I took a bite of the hot sauce-infused bun first, alone, without any burger or condiments. It was indeed infused, but not overpowering. The jalapeños inside added a bit more punch. But I was pleased with an overall lack of tongue scorching. Impressively, BK’s “Angriest Whopper,” offered steady heat that did not intensify uncomfortably as I ate.


BK’s “Angriest Whopper” is an obvious successor to their prior sauce-infused offering: the A-1 Steak Sauce Halloween Whopper. The Halloween Whopper made headlines for its effect on the eaters’ poo. Stay tuned for an epilogue to this article on any similar effect. I will be monitoring the toilet for anything angry looking.