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Oreo Mystery Flavor – Ep. 101

Episode 101 is shrouded in mystery:

  1. What is the Oreo mystery flavor that has the internet abuzz?  Rod and Hugh weigh in.
  2. What happened to Episode 100?
  3. Will the guys do a much anticipated 2017 Halloween retrospective?
  4. If so, what about an unattended cauldron attempt by Rod?
  5. Battle Hymn of the Republic?

While only the shrewdest  Hungry Dads fans will understand all of the points above, that’s why it’s the mystery episode. Listen to be enlightened… or confused.  IT’S MYSTERY FLAVORS AND HALLOWEEN ALL IN ONE PLACE!  A door-buster of an episode, to be sure.

Soda and Appendages – Ep. 98

In episode 98, the guys confront some hard questions about soda:

  • Is it ever okay to scam free soda at restaurants using water cups?  (Spurred by Hugh’s all-day visit to the soda fountain pictured below.)

  • Does Hugh Gallon have freak appendages, or did he enlist an Ewok to point at this “no refills allowed” menu?
  • Do the Scots know anything about soda, or should they stick to their specialty: The Glasgow Kiss?  (The latter)
  • Is organic house-made soda finally taking off and making it to the masses?


  • Chubby Chubby Chubby Chubby Chubby Chubby Chubby… CHUBBY????

Butter Etiquette – Ep. 93

It’s high time someone on the internet took a good hard look at the various butter etiquette nuances out there. I mean, seriously, is it okay to use butter on a chocolate muffin?  How about on a peanut butter and jelly and butter sandwich? How about for shavin’ them man whiskers?

Fortunately, Hugh and Rod have once again heroically stepped in to provide you, the Hungry Dads listener, with the indispensable “Butter Appropriateness Quiz” ©  Rod ranks the following butter scenarios in the order of most appropriate use of butter to the least appropriate use of butter. Feel free to rank them for yourself and see if you’re as smart as Rod!


  • Blueberry Muffin
  • Movie Theater Popcorn
  • On a Steak
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly and Butter Sandwich
  • Ham and Butter Sandwich
  • In Coffee
  • Chocolate Muffin
  • Generously Buttering EVERY Bite of a Dinner Roll
  • Pop Tart
  • Saltine

Oh, and then the guys each perform a butter shave on-air.  Is that appropriate?  Listen to find out!!!

Easter Eating, Passover, and Jackfruit – Ep. 88

It’s a springtime explosion, as the guys discuss two of the most important eating traditions during the season of renewal: Easter/Passover and jackfruit!  Don’t tell me you don’t know jack! You don’t know jack… fruit.  Listen to the episode for a rundown of Hugh’s jackfruit heroics, and click here for an even more detailed account complete with pictures and humiliations!


Ep. 80 – Happy New Year! 2017 Food Predictions

After a brief hiatus to enjoy the holidays (and holiday leftovers), the guys are back with a vengeance. They start the episode by recapping all of their horrible predictions (and a couple of good ones) from 2016, such as:

  • Did honey break through in a big way? (no)
  • Did specialty house-made sodas break through? (no)
  • Did “Farm-to-Table” get watered down into a dumb marketing term? (no)
  • Did the Manhattan Chick-fil-a get sabotaged by angry New Yorkers? (kind of)

Then, it’s for the guys to move on to their 2017 predictions. Will they fare any better this year?  Only if mango becomes a huge breakout fruit success and hipsters are frying up scrapple on every Brooklyn street corner…  listen to find out why!!!!


Showbiz Rock-a-Fire Explosion – Ep. 77

What if I told you there’s a documentary out there about an animatronic robot band that used to play at a wildly successful family pizza chain, but then they got disassembled, but then they got reassembled a decade later by a passionate and extremely dedicated fan of this particular animatronic robot band?  What if I told you the name of this band was “The Rock-a-Fire Explosion”?  What if I told you run-on sentences are generally acceptable on the internet like the one we use for our podcast called Hungry Dads podcast, okay?

In Episode 77, Hugh and Rod do the world a long overdue favor by analyzing and critiquing this groundbreaking documentary in podcast format.  Will the Rock-a-Fire Explosion get back together for one last hurrah?  Are the members even alive still?  Jealousy? Affairs? Or just good old rock and roll music?  Let’s find out.


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Rod’s Recordings – Ep. 76

In episode 76, Rod hits the streets with his giant tape recorder to follow up on some critical topics from prior episodes:

  1. Hugh’s GM Diet Adventure from episode 61.  Rod got sick and tired of everyone else doing the fad diet thing, so he invented his own. For three days, he ate virtually no carbs, sugars, or fats.  Then, the next three days, he went into complete gluttony mode by stuffing his face with soda, pizza, and other delicious offerings.  He put together an audio journal of his diet, chronicled his weight fluctuations, and put him here for all to enjoy. Did Rod end up losing weight, gaining weight, or simply dying?
  2. Next up, Rod lugs the taper recorder to a birthday party to chronicle his misadventures in trying to obtain as much food as possible without coming off as a buffoon. Way back in Episode 5, he offered up some sage advice for maximizing birthday party eating. Was he successful?  Let’s just say the Capri Sun won, and leave it at that.
  3. You didn’t really think Rod was going to lug the old tape recorder all over town without visiting our old friend, Ronald McDonald, did you?  Rod swings by with his toddler to pick up some of the new healthier Chicken McNuggets.  Listen to hear this exclusive live recording taste test review!
  4. Rod finally lets Hugh get in on the act, as Mr. Gallon revisits our grilling episode and updates listeners on his new found easy gas grilling lifestyle.  After listening, you’ll understand why Rod is always right when it comes to the ease and clean burn of CHARCOAL.


Long Running TV Shows – Ep. 72 (Simpsons, SNL, Price is Right)

In a groundbreaking development, Hugh and Rod stray slightly from their usual food talk, and delve into the world of TV. Why, you ask? We’re not sure, but we’ll be back to snacking food type stuff next episode.

For now, enjoy the complex breakdowns of three of the longest-running, most beloved shows on TV: The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, and The Price is Right. What makes them so successful? Have any of them gone downhill recently, or are they still going strong?   We honestly don’t have answers, but we’ll talk about some important issues such as: is the Price is Right big wheel oiled on a regular basis… like what kind of maintenance are they doing on that thing?

Feast, Marry, Kill – Ep. 68

Many of our listeners may have played the classic social game “copulate, marry, kill” at one time or another.  If not, the rules are simple: someone is given the names of three people. They must choose to ummm… copulate with one of them, marry, one of them, and kill one of them. Well, since Rod and Hugh are food obsessed (and this is a food podcast after all), they’ve altered the rules slightly to make this game more in line with their lifestyle.

The guys take turns throwing out three things from the world of food:

  • One of the things can only be eaten (or used) for one more week before it’s gone forever. This is the FEAST item, and equates to the copulate option in the real game.
  • One of the things must be eaten (or used) at least once a week for the rest of their lives. This is the MARRY item.
  • Finally, one of the things is gone forever starting immediately. This is the KILL item.

Just a few of the difficult decisions to be made: will Hugh kill off a spoon, knife, or fork as a utensil option?  Is Rod ready to settle down and tie the know of marital bliss with pickles… or will it be a meaningless affair… or something even more devious – like MURDER!

Dumb or Genius? – Ep. 67

Let’s start out with a simple fact – mud spelled backwards is really dum. Or is it? Huh?

In this episode, Hugh and Rod discuss things in the world of food that on the surface seem absolutely stupid, but upon further reflection… maybe they’re genius:

  1. Overly Dainty Desserts at Restaurants
  2. The Hydrox Cookie Comeback
  3. Chewing Gum
  4. Coca-Cola’s Scientists
  5. Supersize Me
  6. Grimace
  7. Diet Soda with Fast Food
  8. Hamburger Helper Rap Music
  9. Skittles Green Apple
  10. Subway Foot-long Controversies
  11. Hip Miracle Whip (of course)

10 Food Predictions for 2016 – Episode 59

10 Food Predictions for 2016 (listen to Ep. 59 for more amazing insight and analysis)

It’s a new year, and the guys are going out on a limb with their 2016 food predictions. Hugh theorizes a potential Chick-fil-a sabotage in the coming year, while Rod tends to obsess about honey.  Then, Hugh opens up the Hungry Dads Mailbag by reading some correspondence and commentary from our loyal listeners.

#1 – Taco Bell’s Web-Famous Beefy Crunch Burrito will Return

Beefy Crunch Burrito, Beefy crunch movement, taco bell, podcast, fast food, fritos, flamin hot fritos


We have covered the Beefy Crunch Movement a lot here at Hungry Dads. This burrito-minded group of web activists (30K members strong) will win their battle with Taco Bell in 2016, and the discontinued, hot-Frito-laden, Beefy Crunch Burrito will return after being off the menu for years. Before the end of 2015 Taco Bell literally raised a flag in honor of the Beefy Crunch Burrito prompting The Movement’s remarkably dedicated, yet down-to-earth leader (Richard) to post some mysterious teasers on Twitter and Facebook. The most intriguing? A call for for “banding together a select group of elite members of the Beefy Crunch Movement,” for some special mission. What’s next? 2016 will tell. (UPDATE: while The BCM is largely unified, its not without its controversy & detractors – see below for a transcript of a recent exchange on Facebook).*

#2 – Backyard Brooklyn Beekeeping

P1170176Rod has declared 2016 “The Year of Honey.” Sugar is public enemy #1 but we still want something sweet. Fresh and natural sourcing of food is all the rage. Enter beekeeping. Environmentalists have said for years, “SAVE THE BEES!,” for if the bees die, humans will die. What do you get when you combine sweet, trendy, and well intentioned? Hipsters? Lookout for home backyard beekeeping across the country. Most of this beekeeping will be harmless and beneficial. But in painfully trendy and dense areas like Brooklyn, people will try. Neighborhood and zoning fights will abound.

#3 – “Farm to Table” Will Be Co-Opted As a Marketing Term

turduckenFarm to table restaurants are a pretty neat thing. Basically a restaurant serves whatever is fresh and gets its stuff from the farm, having been picked mere hours before it’s served. Sometimes, farms literally open a restaurant on site. Its becoming popular for good reason. But like anything popular, it must be subsumed. Farm-to-table, in name will be co-opted by the marketing world, destroying any real meaning. In one manner, everything is farm to table. It started at a farm and got to my table. So if Olive Garden creates a farm to table selection, who’s to stop them? Sure, maybe they will actually source from farms in a new, fresher way – but we can’t image it being the same thing.

#4 – The Ramen Fad Will Die a Quick Death Page Page

Ramen, that quintessential college student dinner, is cheap, shelf stable, easy, and quite tasty. So who’da thunk that Ramen would become the fad for a bunch of new and popular restaurants? Well, the Japanese for one. Naturally, ramen restaurants have been part of Japan’s culture forever. So, unsurprisingly, the great melting pot of America will take to it as well. To be fair, many of these Ramen restaurants provide superior ramen than the cup that college students buy by the dozen. Still, the American palate doesn’t really have room for “superior ramen.” It was fun while it lasted, but the Ramen fad will backpedal to a natural state in 2016.

#5 – Pumpkin Spice Backlash (& other flavor trends)

starbucks, coffee, latte, graham cracker, review, syrup, sauce, baristaEvery year has his trends in artificial flavoring – 2016 will be no different. Predictions:

  • Pumpkin Spice will have a down year due to backlash, but will hold a devoted following. Although those followers will be mocked.
  • Graham Cracker and Maple Flavors will be on the rise. We got a taste of these in 2015 and were pretty impressed – here and here.
  • Salted Caramel and Siracha will hold steady – These flavors are in the zeitgeist now and solid fringe flavors. They aren’t universally liked, but they each have their own cult following.

#6 – Another tough year for Subway (not Jared’s fault this time) Tøpfer Tøpfer

Subway rose to fame as a fast food alternative. At the time it seemed like a super healthy and responsible option, especially as compared to regular fast food. But time has not been kind to the Subway sub. We’ve all learned that white bread is bad, and that most wheat bread is just colored whilte bread. We’ve learned that iceberg lettuce is pretty much useless as a veggie. And some report that processed lunchmeat is poison. Chipotle, Panera, and others have done to Subway what Subway did to McDonalds – they’ve convinced everyone that they are fresh and healthy, while the others are unhealthy poison. And if I’m going to eat unhealthy poison, it may as well be McDonald’s right? Subway’s going to have to make some change, or else it will have trouble sticking around.

#7 – Chick-Fil-A Sabatoge

CaptureThis one is less prediction and more conspiracy theory. The one-and-only Chick-Fil-A in New York City voluntarily shut down  not long after opening, when City inspectors indicated that it would get a “C” grade on its health inspection. Isn’t it possible, just possible, that the outwardly-conservative Chick-Fil-A had a tougher go at it in NYC due to its politics? Yeah, this is sort of crazy. But what’s not crazy is the idea that in this era during which companies are using their voice to express a political opinion, the company will accumulate enemies. Who couldn’t imagine a bunch of activist types, seeking to make a statement. Why wouldn’t such an activist apply to the NYC Chick-Fil-A location with the intent of sinking it? Maybe it’s just a crazy conspiracy theory, but it’s not the craziest.

#8 – “Natural” House Made Soda

IMG_0287Sugar and high fructose corn syrup are not cool. Craft beer is cool. Sodastream is a thing. Put it all together and it seems that the food service industry has an opportunity. If some restaurants start crafting their own soda, they can pitch it as a unique, exclusive, and healthier alternative to the ever-demonized soda establishment.

#9 – “Voting and Create Your Own” Contest Overkill

P1170172Lays excellent Do Us A Flavor campaign has proven to be an annual success. Considering this success and the fact that 2016 is an election year, it’s not surprising one bit that the “voting” gimmick is being mimicked. It is however surprising who is mimicking. “M&M’s Vote for Your Favorite Peanut” campaign (with spicy, honey, and coffee flavors in a peanut M&M) isn’t too crazy. But Quaker Oats “Bring Your Best Bowl,” might be the start of a shark-jumping phase for this trend. Oatmeal with salsa, tortillas and cheese? Okay, yeah – we’d try it.

#10 – More Snack Crossover Branding

la-dd-7-eleven-doritos-loaded-warm-nacho-cheese-snacks-20140619Doritos is on top and it’s not necessarily because of its chips. Of course the chips are great. But they’re really making a name for themselves in branding their flavor into other items (Taco Bell taco shells, 7-11 fried cheese). As mentioned above, Fritos are the key component of other Taco Bell creations. Nowadays, it not just enough to have tasty snack. You’ve gotta make it an ingredient to an even more tasty snack. We’ll be looking for more of the same in 2016!


*Posted by Beefy Crunch Movement: You can now get 25% off any order at Taco Bell through the App. Expires at the end of February. You can use the coupon once a day.  Those Boss Nachos, now $4.50. /  Crunchwrap Supreme, now $2.40. /  Beefy 5 Layer Burrito, now $1.42.... The Beefy Crunch Burrito, could have been just $0.97 each. (Assuming they were $1.29 as seen in Louisville) . Sigh. This also means that the "special new item" coming next month will also be 25% off. I hope we get a deal like this too, Taco Bell!
Doug: Wow, so the Beefy Crunch Movement is advertising for Taco Bell now? I know you tied the Beefy Crunch Burrito into the message but i see a small shift in this movement that I'm not liking
Beefy Crunch Movement: Beefy Crunch Movement I still like Taco bell and it's a fantastic deal. But I also made sure to make the connection that deals like these would be immensely better with the Beefy Crunch Burrito. Also it might be worth noting that the special item next month has a 25% off..
Jacob: I'm sure everyone here likes taco bell but this is blatant advertisement. You expect us to believe you got nothing for posting this?
Beefy Crunch Movement: And no, I have not been paid a dime by Taco Bell. And if I was paid by them, I'd put all that money back into the movement anyway. I'm doing this for you, and all 33,500+ us.
Jason: I don't see it as advertising, unless you are dumb enough not to read the whole post.
Daniel: You'd think people would be happy learning that TB is 25% off lol. I still eat there even though there is no Beefy Crunch Burrito, logically we all want it back but until then we can enjoy other stuff at 25% off
Doug: Of course these deals would be immensely better with the Beefy Crunch Burrito but, I think, in doing so you advertised Taco Bell, who still hasn't brought back what we all love, to all 33,500+ of us. I thought you were doing an amazing job leading this movement up until Taco Bell contacted you about a ceasefire. I'm not saying that the ceasefire was wrong. I guess what i'm saying is they gave you some news about the Beefy Crunch Burrito and it's future that you have been hinting about. Why not be loyal to us and spill the beans. I think they will still go 'continued as planned' if you were to tell us the news. Instead, you choose to not tell us and that is when i saw the change in this movement.
Jason: Some one is clearly butt hurt I love that I can get so much off grow the hell up. The amount of stupid in this comment is something I can't comprehend. Who gets mad at free stuff?
Brian: People are actually upset about this? You can get like a whole meal for $2.25+ tax with that deal that's crazy! Beefy crunch burritos are coming back in a little more than 4 months. If you would spend as much time digging around on the Internet as you did complaining you'd know that by now.
Beefy Crunch Movement: I'm being loyal by not telling you. Why would I ruin everything we've worked so hard for? Please be patient. Even if they did continue as planned for this year, me "spilling the beans" could possibly ruin any exciting things to happen in 2017. Besides, not telling you is not a choice. It's called confidentiality and an agreement of good faith on both sides.  Just think, Crunchwrap Sliders are now $0.75 each when ordered through the app. That's worth sharing.
Allison: It's called being patient. Trust that Richie has all of us here in the Beefy Crunch Movement in his best interest.
Mark: If he does tell us what Taco Bell has planned, we are going to tell others. It's natural that it would get out beyond this group. When that happens, it will most likely get back to Taco Bell. Once Taco Bell sees confidential information leaked, they can change whatever they had planned and possibly bring forth a civil lawsuit(provided Richard signed a confidentiality agreement). On top of that, he is on good terms with Taco Bell. Why would he risk all that? This movement is a business and you can't be reckless in this business world. He heard of a good deal and let his peeps know. Take a chill pill bro
Matt: Jesus, you people need to calm down with the conspiracy theories. Lol. Richard posts something about a Taco Bell promotion, which he's been doing on this page for years by the way, and you guys accuse him of advertising for Taco Bell and withholding information. Taco Bell is obviously not a company of transparency. That should be obvious to any of you. So do you really think it's a good idea for him to relay information they asked to be kept private to over 33,000 people? I can't imagine that would bode well for the cause. Just be patient.

Turducken – Episode 57

Which came first, the chicken or the turduck? I’m not sure this question is answered in Episode 57, but the guys discuss all things with perhaps the most knowledgeable turducken expert in the field today – Mike Moser, from Echelon Foods.  Rod was lucky enough to get his hands on an Echelon Turducken for Thanksgiving, and let’s just say he had much better luck than Hugh’s brave Turducken attempt of 2014. 

The guys also touch on Halloween candy in December, provide a Beefy Crunch Movement update, and talk about a new “do us a flavor” knock-off campaign from M&Ms.