The Real Reason I Give Blood

giving bloodGiving blood is a wonderful thing.  It truly saves lives every single day.  I’ve been an avid blood donor my whole life. And it makes me feel good.  But if I am being honest with myself…truly honest…I don’t give blood out of altruism or a sense of duty. 

I am in it for the unlimited free snacks. 

The “cantina,” as they call it at the blood center, is stocked to the hilt with juice, PopCorners, Oreos, Lorna Doones, pretzels, and more – all I can eat – for the small, small cost of 20 minutes and a pint of my blood.  It really is a steal.  And they treat me so nice – like I am doing THEM a favor!  They literally say after I am done with the blood draw, “Be sure to double up on your food intake today.” Um. Okay.  You got it doc!

And since I just did something altruistic (not to mention that I lost a pint of blood),  I don’t feel very guilty eating multiple bags of chips and 8-12 cookies in a sitting.  Just following doctor’s orders!

This blood-for-food scam works on all levels.  It’s delicious – I could eat Lorna Doones all day.  It’s a bargain – free. It’s socially acceptable – encouraged even.  And offers the ultimate food justification – saving lives.