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My Neighbor’s Ribs

A basic and recurring premise of the Hungry Dads Podcast is the reality that kids tend to compromise access to the tasty foods we enjoy.  Kid-driven healthy meals, wholesome snacks, grocery lists, food budgets, mandatory sharing and “setting a good example,” are direct threats to our favorite food indulgences. But just yesterday, having a kid around actually resulted in an unexpected influx of delicious food.

I invited the neighbor kid over to play with my kid – thus freeing up the neighbor Dad for a few hours . Turns out, he spent that time making ribs. As luck would have it, he showed up with a plate of “spare” ribs (see what I did there?) for me. I’d already eaten dinner, but fortunately dinner was tilapia so I was still hungry. Those ribs were the perfect dessert. Eating red saucy rib flesh right off the bone always reminds me of a zombie attack – in the best possible way.

And so I reveal the latest Hungry Dads Pro Tip: Lock on to friends, neighbors, and other parents who buy, cook and share tasty food. BBQ’s, dinner parties, play dates, holiday events, and random leftovers are all excellent opportunities to score some tasty grub. And since you are being neighborly and sociable, your spouse will probably tolerate more indulgences. After all, I had to eat those ribs – it would have been rude not to. Plus, as social norms dictate, my family will now likely reciprocate in some way. And we won’t be serving salad and tofu. Eye for an eye. Ribs for some ribs. And so a delicious cycle begins.