Movie Poster Food Parodies


2015_07_17 ETE.T. The Extra Terrestrial Movie Poster Parody (fun Hungry Dads trivia: the sandwich held by ET above is the same sandwich held by Rod and Hugh in the photo used for the original Hungry Dads logo.)


x Scrapple 6

MPW-58950Scarface Movie Poster Parody.  Scrapple shadow derived from, “Scrapple, Served in a Restaurant,” by photographer, Stu Spivack (April 22, 2006). Permission: Creative Commons.  For more information about scrapple and that “Scrapple Apple Festival,” visit:






The Usual Sustenance

The Usual Suspects Movie oxnudmrno5o7c8vypp8iPoster Parody (For the origin of Vegetable Vinne: check out Taste Makers: The Cookie Monster Controversy – Episode 28).





Fowl Meat Jacket3

cjywwcydnf5hblwjdwslFull Metal Jacket Movie Poster Parody (For more on turducken check out Thanksgiving Wrap Up – Episode 14 and Turducken – Episode 57.






Grilled HotDogs

reservoir-dogs-four-perfect-killers-posterReservoir Dogs Movie Poster Parody.




And a Back to the Future theory on what hit the cutting room floor:






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