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The Pizza Trinity?

The  Pizza Trinity Idea Could Rock the Entire U.S. To Its Core – Hyperbolically speaking! OMG!!! – The Pizza Trinity? 

(Check out Episode 16 of the Hungry Dads Podcast for the full discussion)

By Hugh Gallon

I think we all know the about the feud between New York Pizza and Chicago Pizza  Die-hard Chicago-ians will say that New York Pizza, with its thin, floppy dough – is feeble and insubstantial – much like famed New Yorker Woody Allen.    And New Yorkers might say that Chicago’s deep dish pizza is just too much. It’s a burden. It’s hard to handle and not worth all of the effort.  It’s overbearing. – maybe like Mike Ditka.

But this Chicago vs. NY quasi feud isn’t the pizza problem I want to address. I’m not even convinced there is any real feud.  While there are some passionate fans out – not many people are getting to excited out over on pizzas exclusive superiority over the others.  I think most people, even if they have a preference can enjoy either.

No. the problem is something else – you see, there is a third style of pizza- without a home.  Without a City to embrace it.      I am talking about super thin crispy pizza.  I think thin, crispy, crunchy pizza, is due for a breakout. And it’s up for grabs!  I am putting out the call!  Cities of America put yourself on the map along New York and Chicago!

You might be thinking – but Hugh, what about California style? Nope. it’s not crispy.  Thin yes crispy no.  California pizza is defined by its unorthodox .toppings. Not its dough and crust.  And California is a state, not a city! I’m talking about that crispy crunchy cracker like pizza that has yet to be claimed! not just crispy on the edges, but crispy on the bottom.

Dubuque Iowa, this is your chance! I know you have corn, but so does half of the country.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, your neck of the woods could use some hype!  Band together and perfect thin crust pizza!  Sell it on every street corner.  Put ads on the in those magazines you see on airplanes.  Tell everyone about Sioux Falls Style Pizza!

But actually, I think there is a natural choice. My vote is Portland. Portland has really gone about creating an identity and culture for itself that can truly live up to NY or. Chicago and yet be completely different and unique.  Geographically it works, since the east and middle are covered.  Even the idea of the “crunchy liberal hippy” prototype fits perfectly with the “crunchy crispy pizza.”

Like New York’s foppish Woody Allen, or Chicago’s overbearing Mike Ditka, Portland too has its own native daughter to connect with its pizza.  This thin, crispy pizza style is light and airy. Its completely un-intimidating yet not necessarily to everyone’s taste – just like Portland own native – actress Zooey Dashenel!