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Cut your Pizzas into 12/12/12

Hungry Dads Join Arithmetic and Culinary Virtuosos, Axis of Awesome, in Support of Solving the Most Troublesome Mathematical Food Equation of The Millennium! What a Long and Complicated Hyperbole! OMG!

(Check out Episode 16 of the Hungry Dads Podcast for the full discussion)

The 1900’s passed and society did not even come close to solving the 10 Hot Dog / 12 Bun problem that plagued grocery aisles coast to coast.  And now, well into the new millennium, there is another problem festering in our pizza parlors; and some smart and brave men, like modern day Galelios, are taking on the establishment and inspiring the world to open up their minds and make a change:

Yes! Citizens of the World – please, cut your pizzas into twelve!  Axis of Awesome, the Hungry Dads stand with you.  Sorry we were two years late.  Maybe we can pick up on in December of 2112?