Candy/beer pairings

Leftover Halloween candy and beer parings of my weekend. Can candy and beer elevate each other? Sure. Why the hack not? I was able to pair up each of the beer types

image#1: Cocoa Brown Ale & 3 Musketeers – the candy helped emphasize the Choco flavor in the beer, which was otherwise more subtle. If you are gonna get drunk with Willy Wonka, this is the way to go.






image#2: Corona & Lime Tootsie Fruit Chew – the most successful pairing. The lime tootsie was obviously sweeter than a real lime – which turned the Corona into a a quasi sweet lambic experience.






image#3: Cinnamon Horchata Ale & Apple Jolly Rancher – the taste did not quite have the charm of a cinnamon apple pie. The cinnamon was pretty great. But Apple candy doesn’t taste like apples. It tastes like Apple Pucker. And I stopped drinking Apple Pucker after I was kicked out of that sorority for being a guy.





image#4: Belgian White w/ Valencia peel & Orange Starburst – this is a good use of the otherwise derided Orange Starburst. Perhaps only Lemon Starburst are more hated. Many people, own wife included, will only eat Pink or Red Starburst. Here is a guy who will sort through Starburst and send you only pink and red. – Check the website. No seriously, check it. The more you look the stranger it gets…