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A Love Letter

Snacks and the City – A Love Letter to Eating Whilst Walking in the City

(For the full story, check out Episode 8 of the Hungry Dads podcast.)



Dear Walking and Eating,

For all of the noises and stresses that City life brings, you are the diversion that makes it all it bearable. You are my delicious and efficient way to keep busy between Point A and Point B.

Thanks to you, I can simultaneously burn and intake calories.

With you, I’ve perfected new skills, like “drinking chips,” a keen way to enjoy a single serving bag of chips, without breaking stride, and without letting my filthy City hands touch the food.

You magically justify a slice of pizza as merely a “quick snack.” You inspire innovation in my pizza eating habits. Thanks to you, I know the joy of a plain, room-temperature slice while on the move, avoiding any hot grease spillage. (“cold pizza” is a proven breakfast item, after all). And thanks to you, I can confidently say that pizza is not a “meal” unless it has at least two toppings on it. A single plain slice is just insignificant nosh.

Once I got the hang of it, even lamb and rice, chicken and rice, or my beloved combo (pictured above) are legitimate walking street foods.

In the City, where walking is essential and hot dogs, pizza slices and other handheld foods (candy bars, small bags of chips, snack cakes and the like) are abundant in every bodega, you make my snacking obsession feel cool, productive, and self-assured. With you, I cast away the feelings of unbridled gluttony that most often come with snack cakes, chips, and beef jerky.

For all of the attractions of the City – theater, opera, or fine dining – it is you Walking and Eating, I most adore.

With Love and Affection,

Hugh Gallon