28 Year Old Gum

The Hungry Dads recently came into possession of three packs of collectable movie trading cards – throwbacks to a few 1989 sequels – Ghostbuster 2 and Back to the Future 2 – and impressively 1978’s Superman.


These card packs are confirmed to be original and were issued contemporaneously with the respective movies.  The best part of these unopened packs is not the cards, but the GUM inside.

2017-01-10-19-24-55 2017-01-10-19-23-53

Naturally, these decade-old gems are ripe for a taste test by the Hungry Dads Podcast.

2017-01-10-19-30-43 2017-01-10-19-26-14

Collector card gum, baseball card gum and the like have never been known as high quality. By my memory it was essentially hard plastic when it was “fresh” in 1989.  How does it age? We are going to find out…

By far the most challenging with be the 1978/1979 Superman gum. Tune into our Gum Episode to find out (spoiler – it was crunchy and gross).