30 Food Topics in 30 Minutes w/ Johnny Prime – Ep. 63

30 food topics, rapid fire, in 30 minutes. Old pal, Johnny Prime (www.johnnyprimesteaks.com) joins Rod and Hugh. No time to waste! Lets get started….

Round 1 – Eating Out

  1. High Price, High value? – Johnny paid 77 dollars for 2 burgers, 2 shakes, 1 fry – might be worth it? Or no way, you’re a sucker every time?
  2. Large Format Meals – Groups of diners getting together to take down a whole pig or a whole animal. Usually you save money and have a ton of extra food to bring home. Fun communal experience? Or robbing you of the fun of eating out and choosing your own meal?
  3. Florida’s Pollo Tropical – The next Chic-Fil-A due to sweep the country? Or front for a drug ring (aka Pollos Hermanos of Breaking Bad fame?)
  4. Supper Clubs – Foodie people starting their own supper clubs. Payment is often involved which is perhaps where the problems begin. Or is it just a group of people having a pot luck or someone cooking for friends? But when it’s a club and payment happens, then you’re skirting the licensing requirements and rules regarding food service industry. People have gotten very sick. So while we like the trend as an idea and we like the fact that more people are becoming deeply interested in food, we are not interested in participating. #1 it’s potentially illegal and #2 we don’t want to get sick.

Round 2 – Food trends

  1. Obnoxious food trend? – Ice cream shakes with tons of stuff all over instagram, which has become a foodporn Capitol of the world. Sprinkles, M&Ms, donuts, an ice cream cone, cotton candy, etc. All on top of a simple milkshake.
  2. Another Obnoxious food trend? – Bloody Mary drinks. Sliders on there, shrimp, pigs in blanket, pickles, oysters. It’s crazy.

Round 3 – Flavor combos

  1. Saranac S’mores Porter – Legit and compelling beer? Or gimmick and abomination to true beer fans?
  2. Cucumber Lime Gatorade – Worth a try? Or too disgusting to buy?
  3. Oreo cream Chips Ahoy – Compelling or just another gimmick?

IMG_0720      Desktop

Round 4 – Flavor sweet sixteen

  1. Flavor Matchups – In this round, we will present matchups for 16 “bold” and “edgy” new flavors, according to a report by “Convenience Store and Fuel News” (yes real). We will rapid fire vote to pick the top flavor to watch in 2016 from: Birthday Cake, Red Velvet, Salted Cameral, Bacon chocolate, Korean Bbq, Honey Ginger, Ginger Wasabi, Dill Pickle, Salsa Verde, Chipotle Lime, Rosemary Orange, S’mores, Chimayo Belgian, Elderflower Thyme, Watermelon Habanero, Mango Habanero.

Round 4 – Calling you Out

  1. Leftover Steak – Reheat, eat cold or avoid at all costs? Plus some sweet tips on bone broth – BRING HOME THE BONE!
  2. Rest stop Roy Rogers Chicken “Fixins Bar” (off the Jersey Turnpike) – A condiment and toppings dreamland? or a germ infested cesspool?
  3. Homemade Pasta – Why bother when instant pasta is so easy and tasty?
  4. Seltzer Soda Swap – Rod has pledged to avoid soda in 2016, committing only to seltzer – but what does he say to accusations that your seltzer system is an affront to his enamel?
  5. Hipster Honey Reaction – Listeners have written us and have asserted their interest in honey-making but rejected the claim that they are hipsters. Was this prediction an insult to home honey enthusiasts, being to be lumped in with the hated hipster stereotype? then Johnny sounds a bit hipster in with his talk about “mead.”
  6. Ramen Prediction – Rod and Hugh are wrong? They just haven’t had good pasta.

Round 5 – Marketing and Promotion

  1. Kit Kat Kardashian – Kourtney Kardashian was trending last month with this snacking advice on youtube. Is this a legitimately interesting food observation, or a annoying,overhyped, and obvious example of “organic promotion” devised by Kitkat and Kardashian’s agent?
  2. Did Hormel try to “Weird Al,” Weird Al? – Pepperona? My Bologna? My Sharona?
  3. Doritos Commercial Ultrasound Controversy – NARAL activist group tweeted about commercials during Super Bowl were obnoxious and overboard. They took offense to Dorito baby commercial for pro-abortion reasons like imputing human emotion into the fetus.
  4. Fast food synonyms?Eater. com reported on attempts to replace the phrase “fast food” – which is the best? The worst? Fast Crafted (Arby’s), “fine casual” (Shake Shack), Quick Service Restaurant, QSR plus (Del Taco) ,”Fan food not fast food. ” (Dairy Queen)
  5. Natural food snack buzzwordsConvenience Store News reports “the industry has seen a resurgence of naturally flavored snacks that include elements of wellness, such as ancient grain quinoa, plus kimchi and antioxidant-rich fruits such as blueberries and acai berries” and “simplified ingredient lists,” Many say that this is done for processed snacks that are not by any means healthy. Is this fair game marketing tactic or dishonest and reprehensible behavior by the snack industry?
  6. Lobster for sex? – After the great Bey released a song referencing Red Lobster as a reward for her man’s coital success, the fast-seafood chain saw an up-tick in business. Is Beyonce Red Lobster’s accidental Pitchwoman?

Round 6 – Potpourri

  1. Hot Dogs now under the Burger King’s Kingdom? – Burger King has added hot dogs to its menu and some hot dog experts are making some dubious claims about America’s hot dog consumption. The Hungry Dads get tot he bottom of this controversy.
  2. Instagram Food Porn – Fun food culture or obnoxious faux foodie foolishness?
  3. Food Bloggers Tricked – Clever misdirection or another failed stunt by McDonalds? “Surprise, it’s McDonald’s! Food bloggers tricked by fine dining meal made with Big Mac, Egg McMuffin ingredients” https://t. co/OjhiB9neVX
  4. GM Diet – worth a try to kickstart your health or waste of time gimmick crash diet?
  5. Black and White Cookie – You have to split it in half and can only have the black or the white. Which do you choose?
  6. One Mustard for the Rest of Your Life – yellow, brown or dijon?
  7. Bacon or Chocolate? one at the exclusion of the other. Choose or perish!
  8. Choose a Sandwich Purveyor – bodega deli vs. Blimpie, Subway or Quiznos?
  9. Lettuce for Salad? – iceburg, romaine, spinach, mescaline mix?